Cannabis Consulting

What is a Cannabis Consultant?

Registered Cannabis Consultant Practitioner (RCCP) and Registered Medicinal Marijuana Consultant (RMMC) are designations given by the International Organization of Registerd Cannabis Consultants (IORCC) to a qualified  consulting professional that specializes in advising clients on the safe use and production of Cannabis products for the purpose of health and wellness.

Educational Requirements

 As a guideline RCCPs must complete a minimum 500 hours training and RMMC 1000 hours training from an approved Educational facility before being granted RCCP or RMMC designation. These hours are primarily comprised of in class or on line teaching hours but may also include case studies, exams, reports and assignments. 

Approved Schools

 All Curriculums of our approved schools have been individually assessed by our Board of Directors and Education advisors and meet or exceed our strict education standards.  To maintain these standards approved schools must renew annually with IORCC to remain on our approved school listing. 

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